You may have seen me on Instagram, Facebook or a friend might have referred you, no matter how you found me, I'm glad you're here! 


You've probably been searching for the perfect hair stylist who can rock the best hair extensions on the market or produce the most awesome highlights that aren't brassy or orange. Well, you have come to the right place! It must have been fate!

Since this is our first dance, all NBR extension clients will require a $600 retainer and is applied to your first day of service. You are always welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if we would make good dance partners. 

So now you are a

NBR Hair Extensions client...


Here's what you can expect.

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When you arrive, you will walk through the doors of Studio One Hair Design and will find me in the front to the right. You will be greeted by me or my assistant with happy smiles and a warm hello! If you arrive early, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, tea, ice water and nibble on a snack that I have available in our waiting area.

I know your time is valuable and I pride myself on keeping a tight schedule so, we should get started right on time!


During the scheduling process, I had you fill out a form that asked about your hair condition as it is now and your goals for your dream hair.

At our first visit, we will talk about your goals, the pictures you uploaded of your dream hair, your likes, your dislikes and then the roadmap for how we will make your dream hair a reality!

We will also talk about how to take care of your new hair. What not to do, how to brush and with what type of brush, shampoo and conditioner to use, etc. 

This is an exciting transformation and takes a little bit of time. Expect to be with me for about four hours on your first visit. 


You and your appointment are very important to me. I hold your appointment just for you and ask if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, that you kindly provide a 48-hour notice. This way I will be able to adjust my schedule accordingly and accommodate other clients.
If you miss your appointment without giving a 48-hour notice, then you would be billed a 50% service charge per service booked. These fees will be expected to be paid for prior to any future appointments.
For your convenience, I provide a confirmation call 48-72 hours prior to your appointment. I ask that you keep me informed of any changes in your contact information. Thank you for your understanding.
I strive to offer my guest the highest level of satisfaction. If you are having challenges with your cut, color or extensions, let me know within seven days of your visit and I am happy to correct the issue with no additional charge. Should you make a retail purchase that you are unsatisfied with, I will accept retail exchanges at full credit for 14 days from your initial purchase.