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DO I HAVE TO COME IN FOR A CONSULTATION? No, we do an over the phone consultation. During our consultation we discuss your current hair, your hair history and your desired transformation. This consultation is to ensure we are a fit to work together and allows us to provide an estimate based on your desired transformation. Every client has a unique journey, with extension it's not a one size fits all, our extensions are custom colored to blend with your hair, we never swatch the extensions to match. This is what sets NBR apart from other extensions, it's 100% customized for each guest.

WHAT IS THE MAINTANCE? ​ Usually 6 - 8 weeks depending on hair density and growth cycle.

HOW LONG IS THE RESERVATION? ​ Depending on your customized hair transformation, a typical reservation is 3-5 hours

DO YOU COLOR MY HAIR WHEN I GET MY EXTENSIONS? Yes! To created a seamless blend we color your hair and the hair extensions at the same reservation. If you have natural hair color and wish to not color your hair, that's ok! We still customize the hair extension color to blend seamlessly with your natural hair color.

CAN I WEAR MY HAIR IN BRAIDS OR HALF UP? YES! Our foundation and customized color allows the Extensions to have a seamless blend making them unseen when the hair is split and even on a windy day!

CAN I WEAR MY EXTENSIONS UP?YES, even as soon as you leave your reservation! You can live an normal active lifestyle.

CAN I SWIM OR WORK OUT WITH EXTENSION? YES! Extensions are lightweight and very easy to wear, you shouldn't have to stop your life to wear extensions.

DO YOU OFFER PAYMENT PLANS? Absolutely! We understand Extensions are an investment and we want our guests to have the opportunity to experience them. If you're interested in payment plans you can request a Payment Plan Option on the consultation form. .

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